About Us

NED University of Engineering and Technology is one of the oldest engineering institutions in Pakistan. Starting in 1921 with Civil Engineering, today with its three campuses, offers Bachelor’s programmes in 35 disciplines; besides offering Masters in 55 disciplines.

Thousands of graduates of NED College and subsequently University have been rendering professional engineering services the world over. With the advancement taking place all over, and in every field, new challenges are being faced by the educational institutions as well. It is essential that the University keeps abreast with these developments to meet the future.

Financial independence and sustenance is one the keys to the development. While the education is supported by the state, there is a dire need expand the support base and include alumni and well wishers of NED University to have a share in this honourable goal. This can be in the form of establishing endowments, awarding scholarships, donating equipment, supporting library, and other similar means.